Not only for the Hippy

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2 thoughts on “Not only for the Hippy”

  1. Hello there, I am looking for plain coloured large Pashminas do you have any? If so would you please tell me me the size, the price, colour range and do you post to Brisbane.


    1. Sorry Donna,

      Very late response as we are overseas. Yes we have many pashminas and offer free postage to Brisbane.
      We have a big variety. The large size is 90cm wide by 200 cm long, whereas the normal size is 70cm wide x 200 cm long. If you want the largest size we have two different quality, the best one is priced $325, and second best is $225. Please if you are still interested, we offer you free postage and 10% discount. If you are still interested please call our staff tel: 0423628671 or 0402571434 and she can go to the warehouse and let you know which colours are available in these qualities
      Warm wishes Lily

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